Dr KP Karunakaran

Institute Chair, Professor, IIT Mumbai

Dr. K.P. Karunakaran is presently an Institute Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He has over 32 years of professional experience: over 9 years in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and 22 years in IIT Bombay. His research interests are CNC & automation, Rapid Manufacturing (RM) and Computer Graphics. He was a consultant to Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Summer 2000. He has been associated withFraunhofer institutes since 1998 through summer visits as a Humboldt Fellow. He has been a Visiting Professor in France since 2006. He launched OptiLOM, a pre-processor for LOM-RP, in collaboration with DaimlerChrysler and Materialize during EuroMold 2002. He has developed two new RM processes, both hybrid, viz., Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (HLM) and Segmented Object Manufacturing (SOM). HLM uses a unique 5-axis deposition, in layers as well as conformally, using MIG, TIG and LASER. His current Rapid Casting ambitions are 3D printing of sand, foam and ice which will be realized through the two projects he has won under MHRD’s "UchhatarAvishkarYojanahas (UAY)", of a total outlay of Rs. 10 Cr. He is simultaneously pursuing his passion on “Helicopters without Tail”.