Suresh Sethi

Director Asia, Global Consumer Design, Whirlpool Corporation

Suresh is a Product Designer with more than 30 years experience of designing products in consumer domain. His work has been produced in many countries and his designs have had successful re-runs in various parts of the world. His works have been published in leading international books and design magazines, such as DOMUS, MODO, Progetto Grafico. Suresh has been a visiting professor and has led many workshops and seminars at the leading Design Schools in India and abroad. He was a tenured professor at IDC, IIT Mumbai and later joined Nanyang Technological University as Associate Professor in the School of Art, Design and Media, where he held the position of the Director of NTU-Domus Academy Program and the Acting Chair of the School. Suresh was a Member of the Advisory Committee of Urban Heritage Conservation, Mumbai, and the ICSID roster of Design advisors.