Chetan S. Solanki

Associate Professor, IIT Bombay

Currently Associate Professor in Department of Energy Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay, Dr. Solanki is an expert in crystalline Si technology, Si-nanostructures (including quantum dots), thin film solar cells, PV concentrators and carbon nanotubes. He won an EMRS (European Material Research Society) young scientist award in 2003 and IIT Bombay Young Investigator Award in 2009. He has also been awarded at several international conferences for research papers. He has authored several books in the area of renewable energy; one of them is on Solar Photovoltaics. He has filed 9 Indian patents, 2 US patents and holds three US patents. He has published over 50 research papers in international journals and conferences on solar photovoltaic. Dr. Solanki is member of green committee of IIT Bombay and initiated to a project to install 1 MW of solar PV plant at IIT Bombay. He is currently involved in the project of providing solar lamps to 1 Million students through localization of solar energy. He is founder member and Chairman of Education Park (an Effort for Providing High Quality, Affordable Education & Training in Rural India) which is based on sustainable principles; its infrastructure is design as per solar passive architecture and the premises completely run on solar PV e only.