Amit Gupta

Director, vis à vis India

Amit Gupta is a designer, thinker, conceptualizer, but most importantly, a man of passion; for things creative, provocative and challenging. Amit has conceived, curated and constituted a number of initiatives, the most famed being vis a vis. Having spearheaded vis a vis as the director for over a decade, he has established one of the leading companies in India providing integrated lighting and specialized outdoor décor & lifestyle solutions. Representing an extensive portfolio of globally renowned lighting brands, vis a vis boasts of the largest experience centre in the world. Located in Delhi over 2.5 acres, Amit has created a space that not only allows one to experience light and related technologies but also experiment with it. Having provided lighting design solutions and executed projects such as the Sun TV Corporate Office, Dusit Devarana Hotel, Bodhi Art Gallery, Cairn India Head Office and a host of high-end private residences, his vision, uniting his experience and passion for design, is to bring together great minds and propagate the light and lighting industry. For this, he has started a new initiative called STIR and introduced an Indian edition of the UK based publication mondo*arc in the country.